KAMEKS, eksantrik mili üretimi amacıyla 1994 yılında İstanbul’da kuruldu.

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About Us


Kameks camshaft was founded in 1994 with the aim of manufacturing camshafts in Istanbul. Since our foundation, we have expanded and improved by means of various investments and have been manufacturing camshafts for internal combustion vehicle engines in accordance with market demands.

Kameks camshaft serves our customers with a policy that focuses on a quality product and on-time delivery of camshafts to our valuable customers in domestic and international markets.

Our company, which has ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System, produces camshafts for 510 types of engines of 37 different vehicle brands as of 2023 and develops new products in line with the demands of customers.

Our company, which exports 70 percent of its production, exports to 20 different countries as of 2023.

Combining its 29 years of experience and knowledge with technology and quality, KAMEKS continues its activities for the satisfaction of its stakeholders.


Improving our partners’ satisfaction continuously while manufacturing camshafts for automotive sector with high quality standarts & environmental sensitivity and in competitive conditions..


Being a demanded manufacturer in automative sector by improving quality standarts continuously and steady expansion strategy.