Standard Camshafts

Our high-quality camshafts are manufactured for various vehicles with fine production capabilities and efficient quality control sytem implementation needed for engine-part production. These vehicles include passenger car groups, continuously working heavy duty vehicles, earth moving machines working in tough conditions, and others.

Our products are made with original production technical standards and are used for diesel, petrol and LPG engine vehicles.

Our products are delivered to our customers under company warranty of long lifetime and high performance.

Inquiries from our customers for camshafts not existing in our regular production range are developed with our experience of product development and delivered to the customers as dependable products.

Our products are preferred and trusted by important brands in domestic and international markets.

Racing&Performance Camshafts

Kameks  delivers products demanded in performance markets in reasonable time and reliable conditions. Inquiries received with samples or technical drawings are examined comprehensively by our expert product development personnel and products are manufactured to meet full customer satisfaction.

As our plant has 3D design technology, the camshafts are quickly developed as finished and semi finished with chilled casting and steel, as well as various other materials.

The CNC machines in our production department allow us to make precise production of different cam profiles and degrees.

Custom Camshafts

Inquiries for camshafts for special purpose mechanisms are manufactured by our company.