KAMEKS NoMakeOem NoDescriptionMaterial
KMS 12401IVECO504096183 Daily 2.3 16V Ex. (FPT Eng)Steel
KMS 12402IVECO 504096185 Daily 2.3 16V In. (FPT Eng)Steel
KMS 12403IVECO99468762 8060.45S/K Euro 2 (FPT Eng)Steel
KMS 12404KMS 12404IVECO4607850 8060/65.02 - 80/90/110NCSteel
KMS 12405KMS 12405IVECO4818552 8040.05-25 ZETA/TURBOZETASteel
KMS 12406IVECO98425868 8040.45 75E14 EUROCARGO 8045.05Steel
KMS 12407KMS 12407IVECO 98420188
8040.45 75E14 EUROCARGO
CURSOR 10 Camshaft
KMS 12408KMS 12408IVECO504083996CURSOR 10 CamshaftSteel

The Trademarks and OEM numbers are just for idendification and do not mean that mentioned camshafts are original.